This  sister organization to Bereaved Families of Ontario offers support to young people who have experienced a death in their family or circle of friends. Through support groups, one on one counselling, special events and an interactive youth website, this program is meant to create a safe, accessible space for youth.


Out of Bounds

This  innovative, resident-led initiative focuses on empowering members of an online community who are witnesses or survivors of violent deaths, specifically youth and families of youth, killed by gun violence. Through a “mutual peer support model,” communities can eventually provide the compassion, resilience, and familiarity that are needed to address the aftermath of violence.

Jane and Finch Peacewalk

The Jane-Finch Peace Walk took place on Saturday June 13, 2009. Many community organizations and local residents marched together on the streets of Jane and Finch to promote a peaceful community and to protest gang violence. In attendance was Breakaway Relief Care, Jane-Finch On The Move, CLASP, Out Of Bounds, and many other organizations. Sabrina interviews residents that participated in the walk, including Sharon Joseph, CLASP and Delano Grant. is an  award-wining community broadcaster and digital library which features stories on events and issues affecting the Jane-Finch community. This site also serves as a platform for local voices.

Sisters in Spirit: a Report on Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada

The Sisters In Spirit initiative is a multi-year research, education and  policy initiative funded by Status of Women Canada. The initiative is designed to address the disturbing numbers of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. Through the Sisters In Spirit initiative, the Native Women‟s Association of Canada (NWAC) aims to better understand racialized, sexualized violence against Aboriginal women and girls. This knowledge assists NWAC and other stakeholders to understand the root causes of this violence and identify measures to increase the safety of Aboriginal women and girls. Through the Sisters In Spirit initiative, NWAC works to honour the women and girls who have been lost to violence and remember those still missing.

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There African principle of Sankofa says, to take what you need from the past in order to find your way in the future.

Violence affects everyone in different ways but no one escapes it. Public Community art can help people work through the ways in which violence has affected them. It can help folks from different social backgrounds connect with each other, talk about their memories and envision what they would like to change.

‘Letters from the Dead’ is a project where people who have experienced different kinds of violence in communities come together online and in person. We discuss and create public art that helps us remember those who have died due to violence while making links between what is happening globally and what is happening in our communities.

Our art-making consists of walks, theatre, street murals, statues and other ways to remember the dead. We discuss how losses of the past can help us find ways to build justice in the present.