JA Civil Society Coalition Petition Parliament for report on Tivoli

JA Civil Society Coalition Petition Parliament for report on Tivoli


Great interview by Carol on Beyond the Headlines

Civil Group Starts Online Petition For Tivoli Report

Ja Civil Society Coalition Steps Up Pressure On Public Defender

Civil Society Group Starts Online Petition –Cvm News

Here are some comments from callers and text messages to the Hot Button Topic on Beyond the Headlines:

Do you support this call? Are you concerned with the delay in completing this report?
1. Some really need closure but there were some who took on the police force
2. I listen to what Ms Narcisse was explaining, I’m wondering if anything can come out of it…the people put themselves in a war with the security force and when you do that anything can happen. The truth won’t come out.
3. We should have a US sanction on this…would like to sign petition but would like international sanctions for what was done.
4. Why are these civil groups immersing themselves in public affairs?
5. What kind of closure to the Tivoli incursion? The truth won’t come out.
6. Nothing will come of it and no one will be held accountable.
7. I’m a little torn on this issue. I do feel the OPD is underserved by Mr. Witter and it’s time that the report is ready.

Lot of listeners did not agree that a report was necessary or would cause anyone to be held accountable.


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