Charles Campbell artist talk on exhibit “Anything with Nothing”

Community and Environmental Arts  at the Faculty of Environmental Studies presents

a talk by visiting artist

Charles Campbell

“Anything with nothing: Urban space, racial boundaries and contemporary Caribbean art.”

actor-boy-portraitCharles Flyer

Thursday Sept 18, 2014, 12:45 pm
HNES, Room 140

 Charles Campbell is a Jamaican and Canadian multidisciplinary artist and curator who has exhibited throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe, in the Havana Biennial, the Brooklyn Museum, the Art Museum of the Americas and others.   He has also been chief curator of the National Gallery of Jamaica. His work takes up decolonization, racialization and the carnivalesque and moves between performance art, sculpture and painting. In this talk he examines two projects with urban communities and artists in Kingston Jamaica and discusses the ways in which this work dissolved social, geographic and political boundaries, reimagining possible engagements in Caribbean urban space.



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